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How to replace New Fat Pad to your feet?

Fat pad atrophy is a condition that causes loss of the natural fat cells most commonly on the plantar aspect of your feet.  The loss of fat pad is most common in the ball of your feet and heel. This condition is very common in our population. As a result, causes severe foot pain for a lack of shock absorption during walking. Most patients with fat pad atrophy developed a loss of fat cells, exposing connective tissues of the foot to strains and severe pressure. This anatomical damage can cause a variety of podiatric conditions, for example, plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia, neuromas, or even stress fractures. 

Now technology is giving us the opportunity to help you by restoring your ability to walk and exercise comfortably. Our office is offering an injectable fat graft to provide a cushion. The fat allograft can provide immediate support to the fat matrix of the bottom of your feet and replace lost tissue.

Unlike chemical fillers, Fat allograft is a natural human adipose tissue. Fat allograft is an injectable derived from sterilized human fat tissue. Besides providing immediate cushion to your foot, it stimulates the production of new fat cells.

If you are interested in more information in regards to Fat allograft procedures, please schedule a consultation with Aesthetic Podiatry and Sports Medicine Center. 

Dr. Mariola Rivera is a podiatric surgeon with an expertise in foot deformities. Mariola Rivera, DPM

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