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Medical Pedicures


We offer Medical Pedicures

A medical pedicure is performed by a our professional nail technician under the doctor's supervision. The service is non-invasive with the goal of relieving pain, and discomfort. A medical-grade pedicure is focused on the hygiene and aesthetic appearance of your feet to prevent infections.

At Aesthetic Podiatry and Sports Medicine, we offered a guaranteed safe and hygienic service for patients that suffered from foot conditions. The medical pedicure addresses foot disorders such as ingrown nails, corns and calluses, heel fissures, fungal nails, and nail discoloration. We offered disposable nail files, buffers, and foot files. Medical tools are sterilized using medical and surgical grade protocols. At our office, each tool is cleaned, placed on an anti-germicidal liquid that kills all bacteria, fungus, or viruses. The tools are then placed in a medical-grade autoclave, unlike in a regular nail salon. Since is a medical-grade pedicure it can take between 45 minutes to 60 minutes depending on the severity of your feet.

Call us today to book your medical-grade pedicure at the highest standard of sanitation under the supervision of our board-certified podiatrist out of our White Plains location 914-328-3400.

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