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What is Telehealth?

Telehealth can offer you a virtual office visit with Dr. Mariola Rivera via video-conference. 

To make your virtual visit possible:

1. Call our office at 914-939-4101 to schedule your virtual appointment
2. Provide your cellphone number
3. You will receive an invite to register for Beam, a telemedicine service that let's you skip the waiting room and have a video consult via your smartphone or tablet.

Can insurance be used for Televisits?

Yes, We bill your insurance for the visit. 
If you do not have insurance, the fee to see your speecalist via telemedicine is $95 for an established patient.
If you do have insurance but it does not cover televisits, you will be billed for the virtual visit. However, most insurances are now covering telemedicine due to COVID-19, including Medicare.

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